Not Very Much

During today's press conference wherein Mitt Romney admitted to paying a tax rate of only 15 percent, he also alluded to his other sources of income as "not very much."

According to a USAToday report published before the GOP primaries began, "not very much" actually comes out to be roughly $362,000 in speaking fees.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a multimillionaire who recently joked about being unemployed, earned more than $362,000 in speaking fees over a year, financial disclosure forms released this afternoon show.

Romney, a former Massachussets governor, reported earnings from nine speeches between Feb. 26, 2010 and Feb. 20 of this year, when he collected a $42,500 check from Barclays Bank for an appearance in Washington, D.C. Barclays received $8.5 billion from the government's bailout of insurance giant AIG during the 2008 economic crisis, records show.

Mitt Romney earns more for one speaking appearance than the average American earns in an entire year, and today he said it was "not very much."

For an added dose of embarrassment, "not much" has been earned, in part, by speaking at banks that received federal bailout funds.

Why should Detroit go bankrupt but not Barclays? Does Mitt Romney secretly love bailouts?

Tune in next time for another episode of the Mitt Romney train-wreck.