NRA: Gun Control Advocates Are Pro-Domestic Violence

It’s forgone that the NRA sits atop the list of Worst Persons in the World, but this is a reach that deserves special recognition.

According to the NRA, the Ray Rice domestic violence case shows that people who are in favor gun control are also in favor of domestic violence because they’re denying women the right to protect themselves.

via Media Matters

While criticizing the manner in which [Shaneen] Allen’s case has been handled, [NRA News commentator Colion] Noir made a bizarre leap of logic to claim that “all anti-gunners around the world” are “providing an example to young men that it’s okay to beat women as long as you can throw a football of course,” because of the Ray Rice case. Noir also claimed that “anti-gun utopia” is a world where “a mother of two kids, is faced with three years in jail for trying to protect herself, but isn’t afforded the same second chance that some knuckle-dragging hothead who ‘Tiger Uppercuts’ his fiancée into a momentary coma is given.”

On other hand, if Janay Rice owned a gun, the chances of her being shot and killed greatly increase. Women who live in states with higher gun ownership rates are nearly five times more likely to be killed by a gun. Women are also six times more likely to be shot and killed by their husband or boyfriend than a stranger.

As you might already know, the NRA is against laws the prohibit domestic abusers from purchasing or carrying guns. They believe the solution is to put guns in the hands of women. Gun control advocates, on the other hand, support laws to limit ownership for abusers.

The NRA wants an arms race in America’s living rooms. Gun control advocates want to end it.

Who is really looking out for women?