Obama’s Fault

Written by SK Ashby

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical weapons attack against the city of Idlib this morning, killing dozens of people including children using Sarin gas.

The Trump regime couldn't be arsed to issue a statement on the attack for most of the day, but now we can see the Hot Take they've been cooking up all this time:

Got that? It's Obama's fault because he didn't unilaterally bomb the sovereign nation of Syria four years ago.

Trump's statement says the attack 'can't be ignored,' but he will probably forget about this by the time he puts on his bathrobe and starts tweeting tonight. He's going to do absolutely nothing about this after blaming Obama for it.

You may recall that President Obama called the GOP's bluff in 2013. He requested the authority to launch attacks against Syrian forces which Congress denied.

This brings back a lot of memories, such as Rand Paul delivering the Rand Paul Rebuttal to Rand Paul. The GOP pulled itself in a dozen different directions regarding the Syrian civil war, but they're still blaming Obama.