Racism Rush Limbaugh

Obama’s Fault

According to Boss Limbaugh, the only reason anyone is pretending to be offended by Donald Sterling is because Sterling “didn’t give enough money to Obama.”

Donald Trump blamed the girlfriend for “baiting” Sterling. Limbaugh says the media is going after Sterling because he hasn’t donated enough money to Obama; because Sterling is a “Hollywood Democrat.”

The most obvious problem with that assertion is Sterling is a registered Republican. Not that it matters a whole lot because what he said would be disgusting regardless of what party he’s a member of, but in this instance Republicans like Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, The National Review, and The Daily Caller have rushed to make this a Democratic problem when it’s anything but.

The Republican response to Sterling has ranged from defending to deflecting, and the ironic thing is I don’t believe this would have become a political issue if they hadn’t immediately pointed at him and said ‘see, the Democrats are racists too.’

They simply can’t accept that they’re the party of racists.