Alternative Energy

Obviously Another Solyndra Waiting to Happen

The U.S. Army announced the creation of a new green-energy laboratory in Warren, Michigan yesterday which will design, develope, and test alternative energy technology to be used in our nation's military vehicles.

The new lab, called the Ground Systems Power and Energy Lab (GSPEL) is actually eight labs in one facility. It will partner with academic and industry researchers to develop next-generation fuel cells, energy storage systems, hybrid systems, and yes, alternative fuels such as algae biofuel. The lab is also equipped for air filtration and thermal management research.

The centerpiece project for GSPEL will be the development of a “Green Warrior Convoy” modeled after the U.S. Navy’s Great Green Fleet, a project to sail an entire fleet of ships powered by alternative fuels by 2016.

Fuel cells. Hybrid systems. Alternative fuels that aren't derived from oil or gas. Green warriors.

Sounds like the stuff of socialists to me.

Maybe this is what Paul Ryan was referring to when he accused the Joint Chiefs of Staff of lying about the budget! Someone call Darrell Issa! He can assemble a panel of six climate change deniers and Big Oil proponents to testify.