Glenn Beck Immigration

Of Course He Does

Kris Kobach, the father of “Papers Please” anti-immigration law, which as you may recall was described as a “model for the nation” by Mitt Romney, says immigration reform protesters are just like the KKK. Because of course he does.

Kansas’ Republican secretary of state, Kris Kobach, said that the immigration reform activists who protested on his porch over the weekend were committing acts of “intimidation” and were no different than the “Ku Klux Klan.”

“They’re just not wearing white cloaks, but this is exactly KKK type of intimidation,” Kobach told Glenn Beck on his radio show Tuesday.

Beck responded by saying that “these people have learned from the Klan.”

They learned from the Klan, which is exactly why they’re protesting peacefully for a righteous cause rather than burning a cross in Kobach’s front yard or fire-bombing a church because they believe in the Master Race.

Kobach also told Fox News that this is the “reason we have the Second Amendment.” To shoot mobs of protesters who just want to be treated equally. Obviously.

Paging Stephen Colbert.