Trump Regime

Of Course It Was a Superspreader

Written by SK Ashby

The White House hosted a Christmas party for senior staff on Friday and -- I know this will shock you -- it has become the latest coronavirus superspreader event hosted by the Trump White House.

Trump's second craziest lawyer, Jenna Ellis, attended the indoor holiday party without wearing a mask and she likely contracted the coronavirus from Trump's most crazy lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

"People brought their families," said one senior White House official who attended the party and has since been informed of Ellis' diagnosis.

The revelation follows Sunday's news that Ellis' legal sidekick Rudy Giuliani was hospitalized after testing positive.

Behind the scenes: Ellis showed up to the White House senior staff party in the East Wing on Friday as the guest of Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro and was not seen wearing a mask, according to sources who attended the indoor event.

Yes, people "brought their families," and they shouldn't have! I literally wrote about these upcoming parties almost two weeks ago and, as I said at the time, the children dragged along for the ride deserve better from the adult humans around them.

If we're being real, however, the Trump regime has turned the entire country into a superspreader, not just the White House. The United States averaged over 200,000 daily infections over the last week.

My brother tested positive for the coronavirus this morning so seeing him for Christmas is probably out of the cards now. And that's the least of anyone's worries. Over 2,000 people are dying every day and Trump doesn't give a single fuck. He never did.

This is how Trump is going out: by killing as many people as possible. And Republicans still love him.