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Of Course Paul LePage Has The Dumbest Take

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The movement to remove Confederate monuments and statues from public spaces is growing, but diabolical liberals and politicians won't stop at removing Confederate monuments according to Maine Governor Paul LePage.

LePage spoke to local radio station WGAN where he said removing Confederate monuments is just like removing the 9/11 memorial.

“What they’re standing for is equally as bad,” LePage said, referring to the counter-protesters. “They’re trying to erase history.”

“They should study their history,” he added later. “They don’t even know the history of this country and they’re trying to take monuments down. Listen, whether we like it or not, this is what our history is.”

“To me, it’s just like going to New York City right now and taking down the monument of those who perished in 9/11,” he said. “It will come to that.

Yes, they're exactly the same. On one side you have monuments that are dedicated to treasonous figures who seceded from and declared war on the United States in an effort to preserve slavery, and on the other side you have a monument dedicated to the victims of a terrorist attack.

You know, this might make sense if the 9/11 memorial was dedicated to the hijackers.

  • Draxiar

    How many times do we have to do this? Removing statues dedicated to Secessionists for Slavery is not erasing history (something trump might know a thing or two about) it’s just not honoring those that committed treason. In other words, not honoring doesn’t equal erasing.

    • Georgie

      Until the fat, stupid, old white men start dying from old age I’m thinking. Bunch of damn racist idiots.

  • Christopher Foxx

    “They don’t even know the history of this country and they’re trying to take monuments down. Listen, whether we like it or not, this is what our history is.”

    You know what? He’s right! Like it or not, it’s what our history is and we should put up statues to remind ourselves of what that history is. For example, rather than take down the 9/11 memorial we should to it. Put up some statues of the 19 hijackers. I mean, like it or not, they are part of our history.


  • Badgerite

    Your last line is excellent and true.

  • muselet

    “They should study their history.”

    Oh, lordy. No good thing comes from a Righty buffoon saying that. The sensible thing to do is ignore the buffoon and ignore his moronic comment.

    However, since I’m in a helpful mood this morning, here’s some history for Paul LePage, courtesy of Kevin Drum (using SPLC data, via Vox): statues and monuments to Confederate leaders were mostly erected during the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights era. What those two eras had in common was, as Kevin Drum puts it, “organized and violent efforts to subdue blacks and maintain white supremacy in the South.”

    In other words, statues of Robert E Lee are nothing like the 9/11 memorial.

    I hope that’s enough history for Paul LePage.


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