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Oh, Give It Up Mitch McConnell!

The American people have you surrounded!

Stephen Moore, who, when failing miserably to keep from laughing and snorting uncontrollably over his own intellectual dishonesty, must admire Matthew Lesko's sense of dignity as a kindred spirit, but he actually manages to talk to our electoral betters without biting his own face sometimes, and, in an interview with Senate Minority Leader Of The Free World Mitch McConnell, the Republican party is offering their own big ideas for what this election was all about, and what he intends to do about bridging the divide with President Obama over the Republican party's self-fulfilling prophecy of fiscal cliff doom:

"Look, he may think it would be helpful to his presidency to continue to divide and demonize us," says Mr. McConnell. "But my answer will still be short and firm: No. We won't agree to any tax increases that will hurt the economy."

See, this election was not at all about the American people voting to implement the Republican party's obnoxious ideas for reducing the deficit by cutting taxes across the board for the upper income bracket. Every credit rating agency, financial institution, sane economist, as well as hundreds of CEOs, and even dozens of fellow Republicans have come over to reality insisting we must have a deal that cuts spending and raises revenue.

Cut the shit, Mitch McConnell.

President Obama receiving 332 Electoral College votes + 3 million popular votes over Mitt Romney doesn't at all support their delusional vision of allowing states to refuse to insure the poor by refusing to allocate Medicaid dollars out of spite for Obamacare.

We voted to preserve and strengthen our safety net, not by voucherizing Medicare, or raising the retirement age, or encouraging states to refuse, or misappropriate Medicaid dollars, or to fast track the means-testing of complete for-profit absorption of all of these programs which serve as a proven last line of protection between the American workforce and the vulnerability of abject poverty.

This wasn't a status-quo election, as much as the media likes to portray. This wasn't a vote of confidence for Republican party policies, either. We like the president's ideas. It was a vociferous rejection of the new norms of unprecedented gridlock, and the new norms of senseless death threats to the full faith and credit of the United States, and an electoral rebuke of the status quo and new norms of twerpy little passive aggressive games Republicans like Mitch McConnell continue to play with the health and financial well being of the country.

Mitch McConnell likes to call this whole business of driving the economy over a cliff, "Thelma and Louise economics." Mitch McConnell thinks he's either Thelma, or Louise. But If this were "Thelma and Louise" economics, he's actually just a shittier version of everything that chased them off that cliff.