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Oh Rick Perry, You Blithering Nincompoop

Perry doesn't think Warren Buffett doesn't understand the private sector. Warren Buffett -- a man who has amassed a private sector fortune beyond anything imaginable by mere mortals.

Perry said on CNBC that Buffett doesn’t understand what’s going on in the private sector.

“I think Mr. Buffett is a really intelligent individual, but I can promise you he doesn’t know what’s going on in places where the job creation is at a zero because of over-taxation and over-regulation,” Perry said.

When asked if he thinks taxing millionaires will kill jobs, Perry said, ”I think taxing millionaires is such a fake way to talk about what’s going on in this country.”

Yeah, I would put this up there as the dumbest thing Rick Perry has said, next to the abstinence meltdown.