Oh, those lucky, lucky black men

Extremely on the mark reader cscs over at TPM Cafe makes the connection between the lucky, lucky lives of Barack Obama and David Patterson, but points out that Patterson is probably even luckier than Obama, because not only is New York's new governor black, he's also blind! And we all know how lucky blind, black men are! They get everything basically handed to them on a silver platter. Or in Patterson's case, a silver platter inscribed with braille.

You know, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles know this deal well. They basically had their record contracts handed to them because record companies were caught up in the moment of liking black blind men. Unfortunately, we've had to suffer through umpteen recordings of songs like "What I Say" and "Sir Duke" for years and years all because some record company owners got caught up in a moment of liking black blind men. And that same moment caught up New York voters when they elected David Patterson to be Lt. Governor. Hell, I'd argue that Eliot Spitzer was so caught up in that moment - and in the moment of sighted black man Barack Obama - that it drove him into the arms of a 7-diamond prostitute. Many times. I'd even argue that it was the Republican Department of Justice who, caught up in all these blind/black/man moments that drove them to target Spitzer, not because he was a Democrat, but because he was standing in the way of...yes, that's right, a blind black man.

Can we officially stop saying "the luck o' the Irish!" and begin to say what we all know is true: "the luck o' the black men! Especially if they're blind!"

Maybe Geraldine Ferraro can raise money for a company that makes buttons and T-shirts that espouse that phrase.