Oil spill on the Delaware River

Will we ever learn? CNN is reporting that 30,000 gallons of oil leaked into the river from a tanker called "Athos 1" which was hauling 325,000 gallons to a Citgo facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Coast Guard Petty Officer John Edwards (no relation) said the vessel was riding on a tilt and once docked, the crew noticed the oil. Oops. They're calling the environmental damage "minimal". No word on the long term damage. Time to boycott Citgo. Their website hilariously claims:

Petroleum will remain the most cost-effective transportation energy for many decades to come. As demand for energy grows, industry's challenge is to develop new fuels that burn cleaner and more efficiently. To accomplish this, refineries today are being upgraded continuously with new technologies applied to improve manufacturing processes. All these new processes and products will benefit both consumers and the environment.

How quaint. In June, a Citgo pipeline burst near Boston sending upwards of 12,000 gallons gushing into the surrounding area, with nearly 1,000 gallons spewing into the Fore River and adjoining wetlands.