Oil spill upgraded to 'Holy Fucking Shit!'

The Delaware River oil spill which was originally estimated to be a "minor" 30,000 gallons has now been upgraded to a "not so minor" 473,500 gallons. The lovely black ooze, courtesy of Tsakos Shipping, now graces 70 miles of shoreline and has killed scores of wildlife.

Federal law has protected oil shipping companies (yay!) with a major safeguard in the form of handy-dandy liability caps. Based on the tonnage of the Athos I, Tsakos will only have to pay a maximum of $45 million. A bargain at twice the price, especially for a company contaminating their way to record profits.

Enter New Jersey Senators Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats, who will be introducing a bill in Congress next week to destroy the caps. Write to the Senators and let them know we've got their backs as they take on Big Oil:

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