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Olbermann Off the Deep End

In Olbermann's lawsuit against Current, Olbermann went after Cenk Uygur's show. Via Buzzfeed:

On Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks":

"Olbermann told them he did not believe Uygur would be a good choice. Olbermann opined to Bohrman that Uygur had difficulty separating facts from things he wanted to be true...Of course, Current ignored the advice of Olbermann and hired Uygur to host a program that aired immediately before Olbermann's Program."


In a section titled, "Olbermann Did Not Promote Cenk Uygur's Show Because It Was Demonstrably Substandard":

"It was, therefore, reasonable for Olbermann to decline to be associated with a host with a questionable journalistic standard and a show that was not up to the standards of the "Countdown" audience."(p. 27)

Jeepers creepers. How awful. I actually can't believe Olbermann is admitting to being this petty and childish.