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One Way to Honor the Victims of Boston: Don’t Be Afraid

My Wednesday column:

It’s a shame that Alex Jones and his jittery cuckoo’s nest of schizophrenic dittoheads are so tightly wedged up their own asses. Their paranoid self-fulfilling prophecies of nefarious “false flag” government conspiracies involving the murder of its own people entirely discredits their otherwise valid concerns about civil liberties and violations of constitutionally-protected privacy — especially in the wake of terrorist attacks here.

It might not seem like it, especially this week, but, in a global sense, Americans are fortunate. For the most part, we’ve avoided the more frequent terrorist attacks that have plagued other parts of the world. So when we’re hit, our amplified fear leads to both bellicose vengeance, scored with Lee Greenwood anthems, and a frantic hunger for increased security.

The news media fuels our most kneejerk tendencies in the name of attaining higher ratings and profit, and our elected leaders exploit it as a means of going to war and rolling back our most basic rights and values. [continue reading here]