One Weird Trick

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, a group of electors is demanding a briefing from intelligence officials about Russian interference in the election before they vote on December 19th.

Meanwhile, Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof reportedly kept a list of other historically black churches he intended to target according to evidence presented at his trial.

Finally, Lockheed Martin lost $4 billion in value this morning after Trump attacked the F-35 program on Twitter. The F-35 may or may not be a boondoggle, depending on who you ask, but that's not Lockheed's fault. Congress approves and appropriates money for weapons programs. Congress hasn't passed a real budget in years and may not again until next Fall. Or maybe never. Who knows?

How was everyone else's Monday? Just looking at the news this morning made me feel nauseous. I forgot to eat lunch. Actually, I still haven't eaten as of this writing.

  • I hate to sound like your mother, but you need to take better care of yourself. Eat something. Take it from me, not eating is bad for your mental health.

  • TimEldred

    Point of order: the word “nauseous” is used the same way as the word “contagious.” The word you’re looking for is “nauseated.” And yes, I am also nauseated. It’s a completely new feeling to be eager for confirmation hearings.

  • Draxiar

    I was telling my wife that I want to visit Christmas Town for a few weeks and go shopping for clever gifts and remove myself from the morass of Trump stuffed news. I’ll watch my Christmas movies, drink Egg Nog and Bailey’s, and have some laughs while I wrap presents (which I *love* to do). I need a release from this American calamity that is the PEPOTUS…if only for a little while.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Funny how close PEPOTUS is to preposterous, isn’t it? Maybe a sign? for the electors? I’ll take anything at this point!!!

  • ffakr

    TheRegister UK reported that Lockheed Martin stock tumbled $5/share early this morning. That move happened 6 minutes before Trump’s tweet.
    It’s almost like someone shorted a massive amount of LM Stock because they knew the con-man-elect was about to tank their stock.
    I’m hoping the SEC is keeping an eye on the Trump family’s portfolios.

  • Aynwrong

    Is it possible that one group of voters who could come to really regret their support for Comrade Trump could be the shareholder class?

    To quote those little dessert guys from Star Wars: “Tee Hee…”

  • Scopedog

    Funny how Senator Sanders didn’t light into Trump about his F-35 tweet, because parts of the F-35 are made in Vermont. But I could be wrong.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      I like Sanders, but politics is a messy game and there are no saints.

      • swift_4

        Tell that to the kids (and alleged adults) who “felt the BERRRRRRNNNN!”

        Keep telling them that. Maybe someday they’ll stop chasing unicorns. It was fine to support Sanders if you were clear eyed about the fact that he isn’t perfect. But the worship was dismaying, and how quickly “progressives” turned on people like Elizabeth Warren for supporting Clinton shows that progress ain’t likely in the future.

        • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

          I think it’s time I introduce you to Mathius’ First Law: People. Are. Stupid.

          (and, no, I am no exception.)

        • mnpollio

          And again one must bring up the unpleasant fact that Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because members of the Left may not have been enthused for her, she lost because the right-wing corporate media had been chronically vilifying her with one lie and non-troversy after another for 20+ years until it seeped into the national collective as “fact”. Worse, the liberal factions have yet to understand that they need to build a media empire of their own (or deconstruct the conservative media in some way) in order to counteract attacks such as those perpetrated against Clinton. If they don’t, then the idiots out there will continue to believe everything about her (and anyone else the Dems put up in the future). It is true her record did have some things to be concerned about (yet those were like pimples to Trump’s tumors), but some of the accusations accepted as fact by too much of the general public had her sounding like a latter day Lady MacBeth ordering assassinations from her throne room, while indulging in lesbian romps and destroying the lives of her husband’s mistresses. The fact that the DNC and their primary voters pooh-poohed the impact of these sentiments and seemingly could not find one other candidate in the complete roster of possibilities other than a woman saddled with 20+ years of negative publicity and polls touting her (wrongly) as one of the least trustworthy candidates ever, is something that political analysts should review for years to come. Make no mistake, Clinton was a much better choice than Trump (they are not even in the same universe) and I voted for her gladly, but can we stop pretending that the DNC and the primary voters should not bear some responsibility for producing a candidate with so much negative baggage as their great (and only) hope and then acting surprised that said negative baggage did her in and exposed us to The Dark Night of the Orange Anus.

          • swift_4

            What you say is true, except for the end. Clinton’s baggage was known. Anyone else they brought up would have been subjected to the same treatment, but it would have been new and surprising baggage, like Elizabeth Warren’s whole Cherokee thing.

            I am not pinning the loss on the young people who went third party. I’m just saying that unless everyone on the left stops chasing some magical person to solve everything, they’ll keep losing. They have to focus on state and local races every year to effect reform.

          • Christopher Foxx

            because the right-wing corporate media had been chronically vilifying her with one lie and non-troversy after another for 20+ years until it seeped into the national collective as “fact”


            The only conspiracy that actually was going on was indeed the vast right-wing one.

    • mnpollio

      Is there a written rule that Sanders needs to respond to everything Trump says or does? I saw a number of people who did not respond to Trump’s latest – why not hold them equally accountable as well? I think Sanders has responded to enough of Trump’s foolishness for people to know where he stands. As has Warren and company. If everyone in the know were to comment on the latest lunacies coming from the Trump camp, they would be awake 24/7 running on no sleep. And I am pretty sure that unlike the Donald, the rest of these people (Sanders, Warren, Clinton, etc.) are not up in the wee hours running to Twitter to vent.