Written by SK Ashby

I can think of no one more suited for a job than a man who couldn't name the job and also believes it shouldn't exist.

Despot-elect Donald Trump has reportedly chosen former Texas governor and dubious rancher Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy.

Perry’s role as secretary of energy would primarily involve overseeing an agency that designs nuclear weapons and maintains the nation’s nuclear arsenal. President Barack Obama’s energy secretary, nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz, played a pivotal role in negotiating the United States’ nuclear deal with Iran.

One could hardly forget that time Rick Perry called for abolishing multiple federal agencies during a Republican primary debate but was unable to name third and final agency he wished to shutter.

"Oops" he said. That agency would have been the Department of Energy.

There's a 99 percent chance Donald Trump has no fucking idea what the Department of Energy actually does. He probably believes it involves fossil fuels, but the Department of Energy is primarily a science agency staffed by physicists and other scientists.

I hadn't really considered the possibly that the Trump years may involve an actual meltdown.