Epic Fail

Optics Fail

Remember Mitt Romney's $12 million beachfront home he chose to demolish in favor of building a larger home in the exact same spot?

Turns out the basement of this new home is bigger than the $12 million home he is demolishing.

Today's Wall Street Journal has a little more info on that basement in a trend piece on how ultra-wealthy home owners are building huge portions of their home below ground in order to appear less ostentatious from the outside. According to the plans for Romney's new home, the underground space will be 3,600 square foot. That's 600 square feet bigger than the entire mansion that the Romneys are replacing.

Isn't austerity terrible?

Oh wait, austerity is just something for the rest of us to put up with. The rest of us can eat cheesy grits and wear garbage bags in place of Armani raincoats.