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O'Reilly caught lying about 'his unit'


Al Franken played this throughout his show yesterday and it's a beautiful thing. On the "Radio Factor", O'Reilly lied and said he had served in combat with 'his unit', implying military service. Fortunately, a caller exposed the very real fact that O'Reilly never served in the military.

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 of this historic audio.

Shut his mic off.

UPDATE: James Poling has issued a "Sgt. O'Reilly" challenge:

...anyone that can prove O'Reilly's claim, including O'Reilly himself, to have been in a firefight in a combat zone will get whatever money we raise. If after a certain period of time no one comes forward, all of the money will be donated to Media Matters for America. I'm sure Billy boy will love that.

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