Our Last Exit Ramp

Bachmann actually said something accurate last night during her appearance on a Tea Party tele-forum, but she said it for the wrong reasons.

No stranger to hyperbolic rhetoric, Bachmann suggested that the very existence of the country is on the line in 2012. “This is our last election,” Bachmann told the activists, “our last exit ramp.” Tea Party Patriots said 23,000 people participated in the tele-forum, which also included a straw poll. Newt Gingrich won the straw poll with 31 percent, but Bachmann made a surprisingly strong showing at 28 percent. Mitt Romney secured 20 percent.

Yes, it is.

I don't agree with Michele Bachmann's rationale that this is the Tea Party's last election because America will crumble soon after, but I do agree that this is their last election.

A second term for President Obama would serve as a repudiation of fringe, ideologically-driven politics, whether the ideology is that of the Right or Left. And if President Obama is re-elected without the support of the far-left, and despite the burning hatred of the far-right, future presidential candidates will have no reason to adhere to the demands of either.

For all their passion, the unrelenting kicking and screaming of the far-left in the face of President Obama's lack of ideological perfection, regardless of his numerous policy success stories in an imperfect government rigged against change, may be their most consequential lapse in judgment of this decade.

If the president and the Democratic party is able to achieve political victories, while also moving the country forward without you, they no longer have a reason to listen to you. Because you are no longer the base of the party. And if you want your leaders to listen to you, you have to support progress, not shit on it.

This is not to say we shouldn't hold our leaders accountable, but we should do so in a manner respective of their record.