Chris Christie Ethics

Out of Control Spending

No, really.

Fiscal conservative and infamous teacher bully Governor Chris Christie has reportedly been using state-owned helicopters almost every three days over the past year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is relying on the state-owned helicopter fleet more than ever, with 106 trips last year at a cost of $2,500 an hour. [...]

Christie has stepped up his air time even as he imposes municipal budget constraints and insists that public workers must pay higher costs for pensions and benefits.

The flights last year compare with 23 in 2010, his first year in office; 66 in 2012; and 70 in 2011, records show.

New Jersey isn’t exactly a large state so his excuse that he uses helicopters to “balance his duties as governor, husband and father” doesn’t hold up very well.

Christie clearly believes there’s a separate set of rules for himself. It’s a pattern.