Immigration Wingnuts


According to Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) the real problem with immigrants is not that they’re taking our jobs, it’s that they have scabies, lice, and swine flu.

“I asked them about, ‘I hear there’s 18 cases of scabies here, where are they?’” Gohmert recalled. “Oh, you see the little red crime scene tape over here, that’s the best we can do because Health and Human Services won’t come pick up these people in a timely manner. So, they’re lying here on a concrete floor. And those 18 lying there on that concrete floor in that little area behind that crime scene tape are our scabies cases.”

“We’re still looking for all the lice cases, and the other cases, the flu cases,” he added. “And I didn’t get this from the federal folks, but from Texas folks who just sent 2,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine to Lackland Air Force Base. They say there’s a case of H1N1 flu at Lackland. Does anybody know for sure that is not true?”

I heard the moon-landing was shot on a soundstage. Does anybody know for sure that is not true?


Iowa representative and secret border control agent Steve King tells us that all the young immigrants coming across the border are healthy as an Ox and have “calves the size of cantaloupes” from carrying drugs, but Louie Gohmert says they’re actually diseases factories bringing lice and swine flu into America.

Which is it?

The problem for the Republican party is neither of these competing theories are very flattering and they’re the only theories they’ve got.

Gohmert’s tall tale that sick immigrant children are being herded into small rooms, quarantined with “crime scene tape,” and sleeping on bare concrete floors in some Texas facility ought to be investigated for no other reason other than it sounds like a human rights violation.

Gohmert’s concern rises to that of a troll at best. He accuses President Obama of luring sick children into the country where they suffer, as he is obviously wont to do, but Gohmert doesn’t want those children here to begin with.