Super Stupid


One of the Right’s favorite martyrs, Dinesh D’Douchebag, apparently shares his thoughts on the unheralded benefits of slavery in his new book.

“Did America owe something to the slaves whose labor had been stolen?” D’Souza writes in the book, according to Fund. The answer is yes, but “that debt … is best discharged through memory, because the slaves are dead and their descendants are better off as a consequence of their ancestors being hauled from Africa to America.

Does America owe African Americans something for building an economy on the backs of their free labor?

Yes, but you need to let it go because we already paid our debt by bringing them here. Zing! USA! USA!

Picard and Riker Facepalm

The National Review described this as the perfect family film for celebrating the fourth of July. And as Lee Greenwood famously said, “at least I know I’m free even if those people were not.”

Let it be known that conservative media, from Fox News to The National Review, are big fans of Dinesh D’Ouche, creator of “Obama’s America,” and that D’Douchebag believes slavery wasn’t all bad. The Republican party owns his opinions.