Herman Cain Racism

Outreach: 40 or 50 Percent of Black Voters Are “Clueless”

Fox Business host Stuart “The Goodies” Varney asked former presidential frontrunner Herman Cain if the Democrats playing the “Ferguson card” will drive minority turnout in Georgia.

Hermain Cain insisted that the “Ferguson card” won’t work because 40 to 50 percent of black voters are clueless.

CAIN: A lot of black people are not that stupid or they’re not that that ignorant to respond to something like that.

It’s not 40 or 50 percent of the black population because 40 or 50 percent probably are clueless other than party name or candidate.

No, that’s not contradictory at all.

Asking if Democrats will play the “Ferguson card” is another way of asking if they'll play the “race card” which is another way of asking if Democrats will accurately and honestly discuss racial tension in America.