Written by SK Ashby

Esteemed doctor, biblical tithing enthusiast, and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson held a "Latino outreach event" in South Carolina this morning that didn't actually feature any Latinos aside from the owners of the landscaping business the event was held at.

SENECA – Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson began a full day of campaigning in South Carolina Monday with a 7:30 a.m. appearance at a Seneca landscape business that was billed as a “Latino Outreach Event.”

As it turned out, there appeared to be no Latinos in the audience of about 25, expect [sic] for the owner of Unlimited Landscapes, Tony Francisco, and his brother, Poncho Francisco.

Carson reportedly told the attendees of the Latino outreach event that he does not talk about specific things just because of who's in the audience, seemingly defeating the purpose of holding an "outreach event"

Carson also condemned the politics of "division" while proceeding to call for tighter border security aimed at stopping the flow of non-existent jihadist immigrants.

“Not so much because I’m afraid of somebody getting in here from Honduras or El Salvador,” Carson said. “I am afraid of Jihadists getting in here.”


I'm old enough to remember that time in 2014 when Republicans told us an army of Ebola-carrying immigrant children jihadists, probably under orders from Obama, were coming to kill us all.