Outreach: Diseases “Come in and Are Borne by Illegal Aliens”

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), who is no stranger saying insane and offensive and insanely-offensive things, said today that immigrants may be to blame for the measles outbreak which began at Disneyland.

BROOKS: "I don't think there is any healthcare professional, who has examine the facts, who could honestly say that Americans have not died because of diseases brought into America by illegal aliens who are not properly healthcare screened as lawful immigrants are.

It might be the introvirus that has a heavy presence in Central and South America that has caused deaths of American children over the past 6 to 9 months. It might be this measles outbreak. There are any number of things.

We in America have to understand that we truly are blessed with the best healthcare in the world. We are also blessed with the wealth necessary to properly raise kids and give them things that aren't given in other parts of the world. And unfortunately our kids just aren't prepared for a lot of the diseases that come in and are borne by illegal aliens."

Mo Brooks is correct that we enjoy some privileges in this country that children in other countries do not, however vaccination and immunization isn't necessarily one of those things.

In fact, as we've been over several times before, children from Central American countries actually have higher rates of vaccination than American children.

UNICEF reports that 93 percent of kids in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are vaccinated against measles. That’s better than American kids (92 percent).

Furthermore, it’s absurd to claim that the U.S. has eradicated measles while Central America has not. In fact, measles outbreaks have resurged in some American cities. By contrast, according to the World Health Organization, neither Guatemala nor Honduras has had a reported case of measles since 1990.

It's not clear how one figures that "illegal alien children," as Brooks refers to them, are so poor that they cannot protect themselves but somehow manage to take a trip to Disneyland in California where they unleash untold diseases.

Mo Brooks cannot be credited as the first person to link immigration to the Measeles outbreak. That distinction belongs to the esteemed hosts and guests of Newsmax TV.