Immigration Terrorism

GOP Candidate: ISIS Terrorists and/or “Illegals” (Same Thing?) Are Coming to Get Us

So here’s a campaign ad from the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas implying that ISIS is planning to cross “our border” in armed convoys, with credits to Fox News.

Hopefully we can stop them before they reach the Jerry Dome in Arlington.

Read or watch carefully as Patrick segues directly from armed convoys of terrorists crossing the Mexican border to “illegal immigrants.”

While ISIS terrorists threaten to cross our border and kill Americans, my opponent falsely attacks me to hide her failed record on illegal immigration.

Here’s the truth: Leticia Van De Putte opposed putting National Guard troops on the border, would send millions to Central American governments instead, and wrote the law giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

National security begins with border security and that begins with the Texas Rangers and National Guard. Washington has failed us. As lieutenant governor, border security will be my top priority.

You know who else opposed putting National Guard troops on the border? All sane people.

Local Sheriffs along the southern border opposed their deployment because the National Guard doesn’t have the authority to make arrests or even question people they suspect are undocumented. Governor Rick Perry deployed them for a photo op and they haven’t been adequately funded. Some of the National Guard troops have even been forced to use local food banks because they have no money or resources.

As for the law “giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants,” Republican Governor Rick Perry signed that into law.

Dan Patrick never directly says undocumented immigrants may be ISIS terrorists, but the imagery and implication is unmistakable.

I can’t overstate how much the climate of fear on the right is beginning look and sound a lot like the climate of 2004.