Epic Fail Rick Scott

Outreach: Say Yes to the Rick Scott Dress


This bridal-themed video ad produced by the College Republican National Committee isn’t quite as cringe-worthy as the conservative dating profile was, but it’s close. The bar is exceptionally high.

Apparently women should say ‘yes’ to voting for Governor Gollum because Charlie Crist is a very expensive dress and your mother likes it.

The bride-to-be likes the Rick Scott dress because Scott is a “trusted brand” that has “new ideas.” Mom, on the other hand, says you should choose the Charlie Crist dress because she “knows best.” And don’t forget the Charlie Crist costs more and you’ll be paying it off for “the rest of your life.”

You couldn’t be more patronizing if you tried.

This is clearly a surprise to Republicans, but you don’t have to reduce policy to a dating or wedding metaphor to appeal to women. You could instead try supporting policies that a majority of women support.