International Relations

Over 500 raped…did you know?


How many people know about Brad and Jen's fairytale romance going busto? How many people are aware that Michael Jackson is on trial? Probably not as many people that know that over 500 women have been systematically raped in Darfur over the last year. That's according to Doctors Without Borders.

But forget about Brad and Jen and Jacko. Let's just talk about Social Security. How many different "news stories" regurgitating Bush's spin on "the social security crisis" must we suffer through? Apparently, an ass load. Meanwhile, mass rape and genocide continue on a continent called Africa.

You may have heard of Darfur. It's in the Sudan. This story doesn't get the kind of airplay here in the States that the Tsunami got, but it is every bit as much of a disaster. The difference is, Darfur is not an act of nature, but one of human design and execution. At least 70,000 people have been killed in the genocide there. And now we learn of these rapes committed by militias and Government soldiers.

70,000 PEOPLE DEAD AND OVER 500 WOMEN RAPED IN ONE TINY REGION. Why is it not the top story every night and the front page above the fold story every day? Is it, perhaps, because the people don't look a lot like the people who produce the news?

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