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Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz Becomes Ridiculous Self-Parody

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has no plans to investigate Donald Trump's obvious conflicts of interest and corruption, but he does intend to investigate a park service Twitter account.

Chaffetz wants to know why a park service Twitter account welcomed new parks.

Instead, Chaffetz plans to get to the bottom of a December post to Twitter in which Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park warmly welcomed Bears Ears National Monument ― and a second monument in Nevada ― to the National Park Service family, as The Salt Lake Tribune reported Tuesday.

Why shouldn't a park service account welcome the addition of new parks?

Apparently, this is all about Obama.

The congressman told the publication that he suspects Bryce Canyon officials may have had advanced knowledge of the monument’s designation, which to him suggests the Obama administration misled Utah officials.

The tweet in question was actually posted one full day after the new monuments were publicly announced, so it's not clear why Chaffetz believes the Obama administration was engaged in some kind of conspiracy.

In any event, who fucking cares?

If Chaffetz wants to investigate some tweets, a quick glance at Trump's twitter account should give him enough fodder to investigate for the rest of his life.