Republican Party

Painted Into a Meme Corner

Ashby posted about this yesterday, but I'd like to jump in and mention something about the Teleprompter thing from the weekend. Evidently the Republicans who assembled for the Florida straw poll were cracking Teleprompter jokes about the president -- jokes that were being read off of a Teleprompter.

I've been waiting for this one for several years now. Back in 2009-ish the Republicans were so pathetically desperate for ways to attack the president, they decided to latch onto his use of prompters -- as though no other president or public speaker had ever used one. In fact, all modern presidents used them. Even Saint Reagan. See, they're like note cards or pages, but projected onto a TV screen or a perspex panel. They're not magical devices constructed by terrorists or former Soviet agents. Everyone uses them because presidents are generally too busy running the country to be wasting time memorizing several speeches per day.

So I wondered, at the time, how they'd dance around this one when the 2012 race began.

And here it is. They're either not using prompters at all, like Michele Bachmann who consequently botches many of her speeches, or they're reading prompter jokes... from prompters.

I can't think of anything about the Republican messaging that's more ridiculous and pathetic than the prompter meme. And now they're stuck with it. Idiots.