Sarah Palin

Palin Will Run and She'll Win the Nomination


It doesn't matter whether she's uneducated, unprincipled, unaware and unscrupulous. The more she's proven incapable of the presidency, the more her supporters believe she is destined for it. It's a brilliant little gig she's devised. She may be ignorant, but she is not stupid. She has the smarts of all accomplished pathological liars and phonies. And this time, she will not even bother to go on any television outlets other than Fox News. She will be the first presidential nominee never to have had a press conference.

The Republican Party is both moving to the right, and it's moving towards celebutard candidates.

They don't get that President Obama, while being iconic, is also supremely qualified to be president -- perhaps not in terms of having a lengthy political resume, but chiefly in terms of having the temperament, education and intelligence for the job to a degree rarely seen in the presidency.

Yet they only seem to grasp the "brown" part and the "celeb" part because they don't want to acknowledge that the president has a once-in-a-generation mind. Consequently, they believe that if they just run a famous name, they'll be able to compete with hollow misinterpretations of what they perceive to be President Obama's strengths. So we end up with Sarah Palin and other Republican celebutards.

And they'll absolutely nominate Sarah Palin in 2012. I hope they do.