Pat McCrory Signs Bill Stripping Power From Next Governor

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory lost the election to his Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, but McCrory and the Republican-controlled state legislature have taken steps to weaken Cooper's administration before he takes office.

McCrory and his loyalists in the legislature have planted cherry bombs in the governor's mansion's toilets by passing legislation today that will reshape the board of elections and the local court system.

The law merges the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission into one board comprised equally of Democrats and Republicans. The previous state elections board law would have allowed Cooper to put a majority of Democrats on the panel.

The law would also make elections for appellate court judgeships officially partisan again.

State Republicans are also advancing legislation that would require Senate confirmation of Roy Cooper's cabinet nominees. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the implications of that.

At face value, this is a damnable, naked power grab that will stifle but may not necessarily cripple the next administration. It's also an incredible insult to the people of North Carolina.

Just like the infamous anti-transgender "bathroom bill" HB2 which contributed to McCrory's defeat, the Republican-controlled state legislature passed this legislation during a special session. Moreover, the special session was called under the pretense that it would be used to address the fallout of Hurricane Matthew.

They've obviously done far more than that. They called a special session to presumably help the people of North Carolina only to weaken the ultimate value of their votes.

  • muselet

    If an R is elected, then Rs demand everyone supports the elected R because Patriotism and Elections Have Consequences.

    If a D is elected, then Rs fight like cornered badgers to make it as difficult as possible to govern because … well, they don’t bother to explain and our glorious news media don’t bother to ask.

    (SEE: Cooper, Roy. SEE ALSO: Obama, Barack)


  • ozdog

    like spoiled children who don’t get their way. but i’d bet mccrory voters don’t care if it’s an insult. they’re all for it.

    • Georgie

      Till it’s their turn, then hear the screams of rage, time to use my favorite swear, bunch of motherfuckers.

  • Scopedog

    What a bunch of sore losers…the motherfuckers lost the election so hell, let’s just blow it all up and screw the people even more! Wheee!

    The sheer audacity of these bastards to pull crap like this off, and to block the media from having access…like Anywrong said below, it is a microcosm of what the GOP wants to do the country.

    Fuck anyone who, after seeing this, still sits there and blubbers, “But, but both parties are the same, so that’s why I have to vote third party!”

  • Aynwrong

    NC is a microcosm of the country. Until the voters once and for all figure out the nature of the GOP, vote them out of office and not give them another chance for several decades this is how they will behave over & over & over.

    • Badgerite

      If cheating and abusing the system brings them power, what is the incentive not to cheat and abuse power? What would hope a principled commitment to the representative nature of democracy and why that is vital to this country’s success. But I will believe that if I ever see that from them again. It’s been a while.

    • ninjaf

      I tried to remind everyone who would listen that McCrory didn’t pass HB2 alone; it took the General Assembly to send him that bill. But, apparently, it was enough to just punish McCrory.

      I am hopeful, but not optimistic, that the 2017 elections will bring a new General Assembly.

      • Aynwrong

        From your lips…

  • gescove

    Republicans need to go fuck themselves.

  • F’ing Nazis.