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Pat Buchanan joins anti-war voices

Pat Buchanan's December 27th column reads as if someone from our side hacked his computer and ghost-wrote his latest missive.

Check these quotes:

What is our mission now? When did it change? With 1,300 dead and nearly 10,000 wounded, why are we still at war with these people?


But why should Americans have to die for democracy in a nation that has never known it?


Exactly how much more blood and money is [Bush] willing to plunge into a war for democracy in Iraq, and at what point must he decide – as LBJ and Nixon did in Vietnam – that the cost to America is so great that we must get out and risk the awful consequences of a mistaken war that we should never have launched?

He even made the Vietnam analogy! Make no mistake, Buchanan is a demon. His past work is a litany of hate-speech; he stumped for Bush on television at every turn and, as a result, is partially responsible for this war. But is this indicative of Bush's friends abandoning him? Will there be a movement in the Republican party to back away from the White House? Stay tuned.

But most importantly, the Democrats need to stand their ground in opposing Bush. Don't cave. Don't capitulate.