“Patriot” Man Planted Bombs to Prove Muslims Are the Real Threat

A self-described "patriot" was charged yesterday with planting a backpack containing two pipe bombs and a copy of the Quran in a park near Atlanta, Georgia last November.

The man reportedly told FBI agents that his goal in planting the explosives in a park where they could kill innocent people was to raise awareness of the threat posed by Muslims.

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

He admitted placing a Quran and the book The Rape of Kuwait in the backpack, along a copy of the Atlanta Falcons football schedule. He also “wrote the name, ‘Mina Khodari,’ in the backpack because it looked foreign,” the court documents say.

Sibley told FBI agents “he is a ‘patriot’ and he felt no one was paying attention to what was going on the world,” federal documents say. He also expressed the belief that if he planted the backpack bomb in a Roswell Park, “people would finally get that this type of activity could happen anywhere.”

This type of activity could indeed happen anywhere if so-called patriots are willing to kill their fellow Americans just to make a point.

There's nothing really funny about this but the joke is on them because these self-styled patriots and sovereign citizen types are the real threat.

Does that even occur to someone like this?

A steady diet of Islamophobia, from the "ground zero mosque" to daily assertions that President Obama is a secret Muslim, broadcast by the Conservative Entertainment Complex for more than a decade has rendered coherence a rare commodity on the right.

I assume that actual Muslim terrorists would be delighted to learn that white American "patriots" would strive to achieve their goals for them without the slightest hint of irony.