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Patriotic Outsourcing


Georgia Republican senate candidate David Perdue says he isn’t ashamed that he championed the outsourcing of jobs to China when he was an executive. On the contrary, he’s “proud” of his record on outsourcing and believes it was the patriotic thing to do.

Responding to reporters on Monday about revelations that he outsourced jobs during his career as a corporate executive, Perdue argued that offshoring is “a part of American business, party of any business,” adding “I’m proud of it.” [...]

In defending his record of sending jobs overseas, Perdue blamed the federal government: “This is because of bad government policies: tax policy, regulation, even compliance requirements. It puts us at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the world.”

Even the average American knows that companies outsourced jobs to Asian nations so they could pay lower wages to workers. To lay the blame at the feet of government policy is to say that the real problem is the minimum wage. That is to say that you wouldn’t have outsourced the jobs if you could get away with paying Americans a couple dollars per day.

David Perdue is proud to say that company profits and bottom lines are more important than providing jobs to American citizens and he’s asking for your vote.