Super Stupid

Paul LePage Can’t Get Right

Written by SK Ashby

Maine Governor Paul LePage said earlier this week that there's no such thing as a "clean" election without voter ID, calling into question his own competence and legitimacy.

LePage now says GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is "stupid" for refusing to accept the results of the upcoming election. But he also says it is rigged.

Not accepting the results, I think, is a stupid comment. I mean, c’mon. Get over yourself,” LePage said. [...]

He added, however, that he agreed with Trump that he agreed things are rigged in Clinton’s favor. “You’ve got the inside Beltway people and the media, how you going to win?

So, to be clear, LePage says Trump should "move on" because there's no way he can defeat the vast liberal conspiracy, not because the results will be legitimate.

That's very helpful, governor.