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Paul LePage Forgets His Lawsuit Against the Obama Admin.

Written by SK Ashby

Maine Governor Paul LePage is among the complainants in a lawsuit filed against the Obama administration over the president's executive orders on immigration, but LePage is apparently unaware that he is a plaintiff in that lawsuit.

At the very least, LePage appears to be confused about who that lawsuit was filed against.

After an activist group called on LePage to drop out of the lawsuit on behalf of Maine residents, LePage denied that he's a party to a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

“I believe you mistake me for someone else,” LePage wrote in his note to Murshed Zaheed, an activist with the group CREDO Action. “I do not have a lawsuit against President Obama. I did file a lawsuit against illegal immigrants taking state money against state and federal laws.” [...]

“Though I realize you’ve been very busy with a lawsuit by House Speaker Mark Eves, legislative investigations, and possible impeachment, I was still surprised to learn that you are unaware of the lawsuit you filed on Dec. 9, 2014,” Murshed wrote.

"Illegal immigrants" are not defendants in the lawsuit, but several members of the Obama administration are.

The lawsuit filed by nearly two dozen states also has virtually nothing to do with "state money" as it is the federal government that is responsible for the enforcement of immigration laws.