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Paul LePage is… Not Wrong (About Trump)

Written by SK Ashby

Maine Governor Paul LePage spoke out against Trump's style of non-governing yesterday and he's not necessarily wrong.

The infamous buffoon and racist actually made a salient point about Trump.

LePage said Trump fostered too much competition, which was causing dysfunction.

"In his case, too much competition. Everybody's fighting to be that No. 1 person. You're gonna have a lot of slip ups. I've met Donald Trump, I think he does promote some competition. He brings that business aspect to it. We got to tell him that the TV show's over and he's gotta move on now," he said.

LePage is right about the result, but I do think he may be wrong about the catalyst.

Trump hasn't "fostered" competition as much as his own profound ignorance creates space for competition. If there is a competition to be Trump's No. 1 guy, it's because those closest to him know that Trump is an empty vessel they can fill with whatever they want as long as they hold his attention.

You could see this dynamic in action yesterday during Trump's unhinged press conference when he was corrected by a reporter on the size of his electoral victory. When asked why he continues to claim that his electoral victory was the largest since Reagan (it's not even close), Trump said he was given that information by someone else. In other words, those closest to him are blowing smoke up his ass to gain favor in exchange for policy.

In any event, we've reached a low-point indeed if the LePage administration looks reasonable in comparison to the White House.