Paul LePage is Still Out There Doing Dumb Things

Written by SK Ashby

Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban has already been struck down in every single federal court room that has considered it to this day, but Maine Governor Paul LePage has filed a lawsuit against his own attorney general for refusing to support it.

LePage is accusing state Attorney General Janet Mills of refusing to obey his orders, something she's not obligated to do.

"It is no secret that Attorney General Mills and I have differing political views, but that is not the issue," LePage said in a statement. "The problem is she has publicly denounced court cases which the executive branch has requested to join and subsequently refuses to provide legal representation for the state."

To be clear, state Attorney General Janet Mills has not signed any legal briefs to support the Muslim ban and she has no plans to do so.

As the state attorney general's office pointed out in a statement, nothing can stop LePage from hiring private counsel to follow his orders and support the Trump regime's ban by signing a legal brief on the governor's behalf.

Rather than hire a private lawyer who will follow his orders, LePage has hired a lawyer to sue the attorney general who undoubtedly knows state and federal law better than he does.

If you consider where this all started, LePage's belated and unfashionably-late lawsuit should strike everyone as a misnomer and a waste of time. LePage subscribes to the Trump regime's belief that a Muslim ban is necessary for the security of the country, but Trump's ban was only suppose to last for 90 days. You know, while they "figure out what the hell is going on." But those 90 days have long since passed. The original rationale for instituting the ban is no longer applicable.