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Paul LePage’s Time Has Come

Written by SK Ashby

It's time for him to get the fuck out. Hopefully.

Trump's aides have been in contact with Maine Governor Paul LePage because Trump wants to see him challenge Senator Angus King in 2018.

LePage ruled out a run earlier this year, but Trump is reportedly keeping up the pressure for him to run.

Trump has told advisers he plans to call LePage, the bombastic Republican governor who endorsed him in February 2016, and ask him to jump in against King — and tell LePage he would endorse him. King is an independent former two-term governor who caucuses with Democrats.

White House officials have been in touch with LePage’s political team in recent weeks, according to two people with knowledge of the talks.

I don't know if LePage will enter the race under pressure from Trump, but I hope he will.

I hope he will because he doesn't stand a chance against Angus King, a very popular independent. The ideal scenario for the people of Maine and America is if LePage eventually finds himself out of elected office entirely because he listened to Trump.

Republican strategists would probably rather not see LePage run. This is a man who described minorities as "enemies" who "need to be shot" on camera. The words of one candidate will inevitably be linked to every other candidate during the midterm election cycle.