Paul Hackett is in.

Paul Hackett is running for Senate in Ohio. This guy is the epitome of a real human being (as opposed to a politician). He's the kind of character you'd see on "The West Wing," a Democrat who is both smart and courageous. Here's some of what he had to say today when announcing his candidacy:

"As someone who has been blessed with a great family, a great career, and a great country, I am running for U.S. Senate not because I have a desire to add another title to my resume or to achieve a lifetime goal, but quite simply, to continue a tradition of service....a tradition of service to this great country that has run through my family since it arrived from Ireland several generations ago."

"Let’s bring back the tradition of the citizen legislator, a concept the founding fathers envisioned, but something that has been lost along the way to the career politicians."

"I make this commitment out of the sincere desire to help my nation that I see in jeopardy. I didn’t take a poll or run a focus group - I made a decision with my wife that just as my country needed me in Iraq, they might need me to take that same fighting spirit to the halls of Washington."

"I’m a democrat and proud of it...we are the party that wants to keep government out of the private lives of Americans and focus the government’s energy and power on creating a strong economy and a balanced budget...I don’t need Washington and its career politicians to tell me how to worship my God or to dictate to my wife the decisions she makes with her doctor anymore that I need Washington to tell my neighbors what they can do in the privacy of their own home or how many and what types of guns I can keep in my gun safe."

"But I do need Washington to wisely manage our military might and our economic budget so that my neighbors and I can safely provide for our families."

I was born in Ohio, and much of my family still lives there. Ohio is a great state that has been horribly sullied by the 2004 election fraud, Coingate, Rep. Ney, Gov. Taft, and Sec. of State Blackwell. The idea of Hackett becoming a Senator gives me chills, not just for Ohioans, but for us all.

Whether you're from Ohio or not, I urge you to go to Paul Hackett's website, sign up for updates, and send him some dough if you can.