Republican Party

Pawlenty Uses a Fake Southern Accent

No, that headline isn't a mistake. Tim Pawlenty is trying to fit into the Yickadoon Republican Club Yeehaw!

St. Paul, Minn. — On a trip to Iowa last week, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty attracted attention not for his policy positions, but for the way he was speaking. Many people thought they heard him using a southern accent. [...]

"I didn't understand where the accent came from," said Mike Supina, a St. Paul architect. "He sounded like he was from Arkansas."

Listen to the audio here. He really sounds like he's trying to be more hillbilly-ish. Again, it's perfectly in keeping with the Republican Party. They love playing dress-em-up. Cowboys, Confederate Soldiers, Fighter Jocks, Nazi Soldiers, Bespectacled Hockey Moms and Rednecks.