Drones George Zimmerman Racism WTF

Peak Sirota

This is it. This is the Sirota Singularly where light itself disappears into a black hole.

On the contrary, Zimmerman’s presumption of guilt and his subsequent actions mimic those of his own government, and therefore reflect a larger attitudinal shift in the nation at large

Remember, in the same year that saw Zimmerman kill Martin, Zimmerman’s president, Barack Obama, extrajudicially executed Anwar al-Awlaki and then his 16-year-old son, without charging either of the two U.S. citizens with a single crime. [...]

Explaining the Zimmerman-like aggression against the Awlakis and thousands of others who find themselves targeted by U.S. drone strikes missiles, the federal government later offered up the Zimmerman Principle, repeating the same sentiment that Zimmerman expressed during his cellphone call to non-emergency responders.

President Obama is just like George Zimmerman, a wannabe vigilante hunting “fucking coons” and “fucking punks” at night who he deems to be out of place in their own neighborhoods because they’re black and scary.

Aside from being one of the most offensive things I’ve read recently, even more offensive than the words of characters such as Rush Limbaugh and Gerald Rivera, this is a gross dismissal of the reality faced by African Americans every single day in America. This idea that ‘we’re all threats now’ defies reality, because we aren’t all treated as threats as young African Americans are from the day they’re born. That is unless the very white Sirota has been pulled over for driving while black or stopped and frisked for walking while black. How about wearing a hoodie while black?

But let’s keep it real — Sirota is basically saying that President Obama, like George Zimmerman, is an angry hot-head with anger management issues who stalks and kills people for racially-motivated reasons. And he says this apparently without recognizing that the president himself is a person of color who knows full well what members of the African American community face on a daily basis in places like Chicago where he was a community organizer.

And let’s not forget Zimmerman was also kicked out of college and accused of molestation by a family member. He’s a sick fuck who David Sorta is openly comparing to the president.

At this point I’m not sure why Sirota doesn’t just dispense the pleasantries and call the president a nigger. That is very clearly what his opinion of him is. He paints a picture of an angry black man who never has second thoughts or even a conscience. He kills people with reckless abandon, didn’t you know?

It’s funny that Sirota also goes on to cite the fake NSA scandal as further evidence to support his premise because that’s another good example of him having no clue whatsoever. To people of color, the idea that they may be profiled is a fact of life. For David Sirota and his ilk, the notion that the NSA or other intelligence agencies may be profiling them is a shocking revelation. And he’s more than willing to co-opt the prolonged scrutiny of other races to justify his own feelings of profound victimhood.

Salon should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for them.