Pence is Just as Inept as Trump

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

You may have heard some rumblings this week that Republicans were resurrecting Trumpcare by making it even worse.

That's partially true (they did make it much worse) but I haven't mentioned it before now because it's not going anywhere. They aren't going to actually vote on it. It's all bullshit.

Why is it bullshit? Because the fundamentals haven't changed. The Freedom Caucus, the moderate Tuesday Group, and House Republican leadership cannot agree on a single path forward and, according to various reports, Vice President Pence certainly hasn't helped the situation.

Pence was dispatched to negotiate a deal between both sides, but Pence apparently told both sides two completely different things.

Conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus say Vice President Mike Pence, chief of staff Reince Priebus and budget director Mick Mulvaney sought to win their votes by offering a repeal of major Obamacare regulations during a Monday night meeting. But moderates who met with the same Trump officials hours before were told the changes wouldn’t be as far-reaching. [...]

A late-night huddle with Pence and the leaders of all the GOP caucuses in the basement of the Capitol failed to clarify the issue, leaving Hill insiders speculating whether the White House offered two different potential deals — or lawmakers selectively heard what they wanted.

The Freedom Caucus was told they could repeal coverage for pre-existing conditions by allowing insurers to charge sick people more money.

That would obviously be a fucking disaster, so the moderates were told another story.

As a Democrat I'd like to encourage the GOP to continue talking about all the ways they want to kill people so long as they remain incapable of actually following through on it.

Congress will adjourn tonight for a two-week recess and, when they return, they will have just four days to avert a government shutdown.

  • Aynwrong

    Any effort

    • ninjaf

      But yet they continue to reward them at the ballot box.

      • katanahamon

        At this point, I don’t trust that vote totals aren’t being manipulated. Rump got exactly the right number in exactly the right places, despite every, single poll saying otherwise and Hillary’s total being vastly larger? Really? And we all just shrugged our shoulders and said “wow..guess every single poll was wrong.” What sense did that make?

        • ninjaf

          The national polls reflected the national voter results. State by state polls were less accurate, but they have less data points with which to work. Also, for those states in question, the results were within the margin of error for the polls.

          I don’t think there was any direct vote changing but the propaganda campaign was very effective where it needed to be.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    I’m glad that republicans are so incompetent because it limits the damage they are doing.
    This is not to say they aren’t doing serious damage to our nation whilst the tRumpf circus diverts attention, but hopefully it limits the damage.

  • muselet

    The problem with trying to play both ends against the middle is that the two sides one is trying to manipulate can’t talk to each other.

    The Trump administration seems not to have known that.

    Smooth politicians can tell multiple interest groups what they want to hear without making any actual promises, and everyone goes away thinking they’ve won.

    Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and Mick Mulvaney are not smooth politicians.

    The House Freedumb Caucus and the Tuesday Group fundamentally disagree on the goals of RepubliCare; the Tuesday Group wants to kill off fewer people, for one thing. Anything that wins votes from one faction will necessarily lose votes from the other. There is no possible compromise between them.

    So much for the “love and strength” in the GOP conference Donald Trump tweeted about last Sunday.

    Not for the first time I say, it’s scary to have to rely on internal divisions among the Rs to keep them from causing pain and suffering.