Election 2016

Pence Now Says They Aren’t Working With the RNC to Intimidate Voters

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican vice presidential running mate Mike Pence is walking things back now that he's on the hot seat.

Democratic party officials filed lawsuits in several states to force the Trump campaign and Republican party to disclose what plans they may have for intimidating voters on election day. Federal judges have responded by ordering the Trump campaign and RNC to hand over any relevant materials, in part, because Mike Pence and Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway both said they would work with the RNC to keep an eye on polling precincts.

Pence now says he was mistaken but, amusingly, he said this to an RNC lawyer.

In response to a court order, RNC lawyer John Phillippe interviewed Pence this week about his August comment and revealed in a Wednesday filing that Pence admitted “he made the statement based on his incorrect assumptions and that he has had no contact with the RNC about any ballot integrity program and has no basis to believe that the RNC is working with the Trump campaign on such efforts.”

Of course the GOP's vice presidential candidate would tell a GOP lawyer that they aren't working together. I can only assume, but I figure a typical federal judge would be insulted by this.

In any event, Mike Pence is either lying now or he was lying before. Or he really did speak out of his ass without even understanding the implications of what he was saying. These are all bad possibilities.

I think people who see Pence emerging as a front runner four years from now are wildly overestimating his political acumen. Pence has the personality of a raw potato.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    “…he made the statement based on his incorrect assumptions…”

    Isn’t that the modern definition of Republican?


  • Mike Pence will get as far in 2020 as Rick Santorum (R-Asshat) does when he runs for president. Santorum is still delusional to think that he’s a.)smart enough to be president and b.) that there’s a majority of Americans who believe his bullshit and want him to be president. It’s likely Pence might have the same delusions to think he could/should be president, though this campaign will be too damaging for future public office potential.

  • I personally have had no contact with the RNC, but if any of Trump’s millions of dedicated followers want to go to the “inner cities” and watch some polls while exercising their Second Amendment rights, well then, I couldn’t stop that, could I? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you know what I mean, you know what I mean?

    • The Good Ol’ Boy Wink Wink routine, how sadly familiar

    • MadJuana

      Do you have photographs? Candid photographs? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Say no more….

  • muselet

    John Phillippe: Have you been in contact with the RNC about poll-watching?

    Mike Pence [reading from note handed to him by Phillippe’s paralegal]: No. I have had no contact with the RNC about that or any other matter of legal or constitutional concern. I made my earlier statement based on incorrect assumptions.

    JP: Thank you, Governor.

    MP: You’re welcome. Do you need your note back?

    Mike Pence is a lot like Donald Trump: he lies a lot, but he doesn’t lie well.

    And I wouldn’t underestimate the appeal of a raw potato in 2020 if the next four years turn out to be as turbulent as I fear. Dull and lacking personality could seem desirable by then.


    • ninjaf

      Plus, Americans have notoriously short memories and attention spans. This will all have been forgotten by then.