Pennsylvania Sports Fans Are Way Too Forgiving

I don't understand the student outrage about Joe Paterno's firing. The guy allegedly helped to cover up a heinous child rape scandal. He deserves to go.

Demonstrators tore down two lamp posts, one falling into a crowd. They also threw rocks and fireworks at the police, who responded with pepper spray. The crowd undulated like an accordion, with the students crowding the police and the officers pushing them back. “We got rowdy, and we got maced,” Jeff Heim, 19, said rubbing his red, teary eyes. “But make no mistake, the board started this riot by firing our coach. They tarnished a legend.”

Then again, Pennsylvania sports fans have also forgiven the unforgivable Michael Vick, and not to mention the Eagles for hiring/elevating him.

Note to aspiring athletes and coaches: If you commit a terrible crime, Pennsylvania will forgive you.