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People Are Still Giving Karl Rove Lots of Money


Karl Rove’s Crossroads PACs have reportedly reserved $20 million in ad-space for the upcoming elections, and that’s just the start.

The targeted states include Alaska, Iowa, Montana, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. The total doesn’t count $2.3 million the group is already spending in Colorado.

The largest investment, which was previously reported, is in Alaska, where American Crossroads has plans to spend $5.5 million to defeat Sen. Mark Begich (D). North Carolina’s reservation isn’t far behind, with Crossroads GPS planning to spend $5.1 million there, though that purchases a lot less TV in that state’s expensive media markets.

As you may recall, Karl Rove’s failure in the 2012 election was truly unparalleled.

Out of the $104 million American Crossroads spent on races during the 2012 cycle, only 1.3 percent of it went toward a winning candidate. And out of the $70 million Crossroads GPS spent during the 2012 cycle, only 14 percent went toward a winning candidate.

Not that I necessarily want to dissuade conservatives from wasting their money with Karl Rove, but it is revealing. The same people who would fret over their taxes going up by 1 percent — money that could be spent on infrastructure and public investment — will turn around and hand bundles of cash to Rove who will more than likely waste it.