Election 2012

People Don’t Know How Obama Will Govern? What?!

Last night on Hardball, the co-author of the Politico article about the inner turmoil of the Romney campaign, Jim VandeHei, said something that was jaw-droppingly stupid with a "both sides" twist.

"We have two candidates who really aren't telling us much at all about how they'll govern. People ask me all the time, Will President Obama govern as liberal or as a centrist? We get paid to figure this out and we don't know the answer to it."

So Very Serious VandeHei, the co-founder of Politico, just said on national television that he doesn't know how President Obama will govern. Hell, he even used the title President Obama -- the guy who's been governing for nearly four years!

Ugh. These are the people setting the conventional wisdom in Washington, and they're hurting America.