Election 2012

Perry Leads the Field in Fundraising

Despite Rick Perry's recent slump in polling, he continues to out-fundraise all of the other GOP candidates and even has large wad of cash stuffed in a mattress which his campaign will pull out when crunch time arrives.

Mitt Romney’s campaign raised $14.2 million in the third quarter filing period, putting him about $3 million behind Rick Perry over the same span. [...]

Perry raised $17 million and hoarded most of it, some $15 million, leaving him with plenty of cash to keep his struggling campaign humming through the first primaries. Romney has $14.65 million cash on hand as well. But they’ll have to contend with a very flush President Obama, whose campaign raised $42.8 million this quarter and about $27 million for the DNC.

President Obama raised 42.8 million dollars during the third quarter. Meanwhile Mitt Romney raised $14.2 million, Rick Perry raised $17 million, and the other candidates barely even register, meaning President Obama is out fundraising virtually the entire Republican presidential field combined.

Herman Cain may be the current focus of everyone's attention with his 9-9-9 marketing campaign, but after Cain's 15 minutes are over, he won't have the funds to sustain a ground game. And while he may be serving as a temporary boost to conservative-voter enthusiasm, he's a few months early, and I don't believe any major backers or wealthy donors take his campaign seriously. I certainly don't.